Phantom Photography EP

by bbigpigg

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Hip as fuck noise rock that will make you wanna shake your ass and bob your head. These Brooklyn-ers sure know how to keep the sound heavy without sparing even a hint of sonic sassiness." - Laura Geraldine


released January 22, 2011


all rights reserved



bbigpigg Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Harry Eastlack
in my dreams i use my arms and legs again like i used to live
i remember when pissy sheets was the worst of my problems
then i lost control of my limbs
no my bones couldnt take that pressure
it became too much to measure
didja know they called me harry at the office?
then i fell like timber for science
oh my god
people always said i was wooden
come and dance with old harry eastlack
everyone said i would go nowhere
spend some time with old harry eastlack
Track Name: Bad Tree
no i cant get to sleep underneath a bad tree
when the time is right gonna cutya down
try and tell myself that youre not a real person
just a tree come out of the dirt
just a tree down in the dirt
yes i buried her teeth underneath a bad tree
but i kept her eyes in a glass jar
hangem from the branches reachin into my window
but the tree goes deep in the dirt
that tree goes deep in the dirt
aw honey, i swear i had good intentions
repeat a swift motion and ill split you for fire
Track Name: Real Doll Repairs
need that sweet satisfaction?
then bring her down: flat-rates and a timely turnaround
i swear on my mop and bucket - getter nice and clean how you love it.
when i filled her up with lightning look on your face was frightening.
slam family-jewels into hardware but dont touch the hair
when you want real satisfaction just go turn all the lights down low
slip into something wired
when the warranty expires upgrade the hardware
no she aint real but she gimme real satisfaction
competitive real doll repair
corporate real doll repair
convenient real doll repair
Track Name: Bitch-Hogg
bitch came down with a terrible cough
dont freak out now hes sweatin it off
cat-scans reveal a whalehearted pig:
vet sez hell live til we hammer em dead and pull him apart at the seams
that hoggs gotta heart of gold (cut it out)
dee cracked that piggybank for the dimes
laid em on bitch, covered his eyes
might be the luckiest pig in the world
gettin all cut-up by that green-eyed girl...
bitch-hogg smokin
transform function
bitch-hogg lunchin
dee always makes that deposit on time
does all the mating by hand from behind
well take bitches wherever we go
who wants to live in the future alone?
keep your nerve and we’ll make a killing
on hearts of gold
Track Name: Foxx the Fox
seen that guy around before:
he was knockin on that very same door when i shoulda been sleepin
2:20 in the a.m. tried to get me to lettem in
but see i know about him and that guys a fox
yessir, he gotta bad leg
yessir, he got silver streak
not true - he got both eyes
goddamn hes a flash on his feet!
whys every time you around that foxx hasnt been found?
thought you put boots on the ground when he knocked that tower down
find that fox!
reinhardt why would i lie?
how many times have i tried to put my hands on your hide?
see whos terrified when we find that foxx
one night, one night he thought i was my wife!
snuck into the room with a knife
said ‘dont scream and i wont bite
now come on - lemme keep my boots on!
lemme keep my boots on
i dont use credit cards, i dont leave paw prints
could use some dialysis...'
and so on and so on, and so on and so on...
foxx the fox

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